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Empower Your Child's Learning Journey

At My Primary & Secondary Tutor, we understand that primary and secondary age children need the support of highly qualified online tutors to thrive. Our online tutors are not just teachers; they are dedicated experts with a wide range of knowledge and experience.

Expert Planning for Engaging Sessions

Our team of primary and secondary tutors knows how to plan online tutoring sessions that are not just informative but engaging as well. We ensure that your children receive the individualized support they need.

One-to-One or Group - Your Choice

My Primary & Secondary Tutors offer both online one-to-one and group sessions. While one-on-one tutoring has its merits, we believe that online small group tutoring can also be highly beneficial. These group sessions are big enough for your child to make friends while maintaining that personal touch.

Supporting Your Child, No Matter Where

We are perfectly placed to work with your primary and secondary-aged children, no matter where you are in the country. If you're living abroad, our online sessions can support your child's learning. We've even helped pupils prepare to return to schooling in the UK. Our international tutors are ready to support pupils from around the world.

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Meeting National & International Standards

Our online sessions meet both national and international standards. Based in the UK, we design our sessions to align with the experiences and outcomes of the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence and the high standards of the English national curriculum.

Your Child's Brighter Future Awaits

Don't let academic challenges hinder your child's potential. Join us for expert online tutoring in math, English, and science.

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