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Mental Health First, Learning Second

At My Primary & Secondary Tutor, we're proud to introduce our groundbreaking online course, "Emotions First." We firmly believe that children can't reach their full learning potential without emotional security.

Empowering Through Emotional Literacy

"Emotions First" revolves around Emotional Literacy, equipping children with the ability to recognise, name, and express their feelings. Our approach delves deeper, focusing on understanding the 'why' behind these emotions and transforming them into positive feelings.

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Confidence and Positivity

Our Emotions First program is designed to help pupils build confidence and cultivate a positive outlook on their learning journey. We empower them to believe in their capabilities because, with the right emotional foundation, they truly can achieve greatness.

 Prioritising Children's Mental Health

Children often grapple with emotional challenges, especially during times of change and uncertainty. The past year has brought children's mental health to the forefront of our concerns.

The Feelings Journal – Your First Step

To support children and parents, My Primary Tutor has developed a Feelings Journal. This journal, with consistent use, helps you both recognise, understand, and manage emotions — both positive and negative. It enables you to identify triggers and improve emotional well-being.

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