Primary Age Tutoring Subjects

Whether your child has a specific learning need, gaps in their knowledge or maybe just needs to be challenged, our primary tutors plan activities to support them. ​My Primary & Secondary Tutor work to improve children's confidence, knowledge and understanding. Our primary tutors offer our learning approach online, with 1 to 1 and group sessions in our virtual classroom, bringing the experience to your home.

Unlock the Power of Language – English Tuition

Empower your child's journey in language and literacy. Our online English tutoring program, aligned with the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence and English National Curriculum, builds confidence in spelling, reading, and writing.

Mastering Numbers – Maths Tuition

Embark on a journey of numerical discovery with our bespoke online Maths tuition. My Primary Tutor's qualified tutors guide children through the intricacies of numeracy, building confidence, and proving that everyone can excel in maths.

Emotional Well-being First – Emotions First Program

Prioritise your child's mental health with our Emotions First program. Starting with Emotional Literacy, we focus on recognising, expressing, and transforming feelings into positivity. Explore a unique learning journey where confidence begins with…

Curious Minds – Science Tutition

Nurture a love for science in young minds with our engaging online group classes. Dive into age-appropriate content, exciting science topics, and hands-on experiments crafted for primary pupils.

Hola, Español! – Spanish Tuition

Introduce your child to the beauty of language through our Spanish tuition. Our subject-specific tutors offer 1:1 sessions, teaching up to National 5 / GCSE standard. Explore the world of Spanish with My Primary & Secondary Tutor.

Unleash Imagination – Creative Writing Tuition

Fuel your child's creativity with our Creative Writing tuition. Our online sessions empower children to express themselves through imaginative writing. Join us in nurturing young minds to become confident and prolific writers.

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