Personal online tutoring for secondary age children

Our online tutoring sessions help your child to build confidence. Our subject specific secondary tutors take the time needed to make sure each pupil really understands their course work. With weekly feedback and follow-up tasks for home, your child will be able to practise their skills and build their confidence even more!

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Unlock Mathematical Success – Secondary Maths Tuition

Empower your teenager's mathematical journey with personalised Secondary Maths Tuition by My Primary & Secondary Tutor. Our experienced online tutors cater to individual needs, providing support or challenges aligned with the Scottish and English…

Literacy Excellence – English Tuition

Unlock the power of words and storytelling with our English tuition. From spelling and reading to writing, our online program, aligned with the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence and English National Curriculum, propels children towards literary…

Beyond the Textbooks – Geography, History, Modern Studies Tuition

Dive into the realms of Geography, History, and Modern Studies with our specialised online classes for secondary school pupils. Explore captivating content, hands-on experiences, and foster a holistic understanding of the world.

Unlock Artistic Expression – Secondary Art Tuition

Ignite your teen's artistic journey with specialised Secondary Art Tuition by My Primary & Secondary Tutor. Our subject-specific experts provide online tutoring in Art and Design up to National 5 / GCSE and Higher standards. Connect with Karen for…

Nurturing Digital Prowess – Computing Tuition

Empower your secondary scholar with our specialised Computing tutoring. From coding classes to software development, dive into Python, SQL, and web technologies for a tech-savvy future.

Delving into Sciences – Physics & Biology Tuition

Unleash curiosity with our secondary science classes in Physics and Biology. Engaging online sessions, age-appropriate content, and hands-on experiments await young learners.

Nurturing Mental Wellness in Secondary Students

Prioritise your child's mental health with Emotions First – an exclusive online course by My Primary & Secondary Tutor. Explore emotional literacy, recognise and manage feelings, and foster confidence for a positive learning journey.

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