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Bespoke Maths Tuition for Teenagers

Discover a transformative approach to mathematical learning with My Primary & Secondary Tutor's Secondary Maths Tuition. Whether your teenager seeks extra support to navigate school challenges or craves a stimulating mathematical challenge, our qualified and experienced online tutors are here to guide them.

Qualified Tutors for Every Stage

At My Primary & Secondary Tutor, our teachers are equipped to tutor the entire spectrum of secondary ages. From early secondary years to advanced levels, our tailored tutoring services cater to the unique needs of each student.

Highschool Maths for teenagers

Personalised Learning for Lasting Impact

We believe in meeting your teenager where they are in their mathematical journey. The first online tutoring session with My Primary & Secondary Tutor involves a comprehensive assessment, ensuring a personalised approach to support their unique requirements.

Continual Assessment for Ongoing Growth

Assessment doesn't stop after the initial session. At My Primary & Secondary Tutor, we maintain an ongoing assessment process, tracking your teenager's progress and adapting our teaching methods to ensure continual growth and development.

Tutor teaching maths

Tailoring to Learning Styles and Interests

Our commitment goes beyond traditional tutoring. My Primary & Secondary Tutor designs each online session with our core value of 'Child-led learning' at the heart.  Our sessions align with your child's learning style and interests, making learning not only effective but enjoyable too.

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