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Crafting Literacy Success

Discover a transformative learning experience with My Primary & Secondary Tutor's online English tutoring, meticulously planned to align with the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence and the standards of the English National Curriculum.

Building Blocks: Phonics & Spelling

Establish a strong foundation in phonics — the building blocks of reading, spelling, and writing. Our online phonics lessons connect the dots between phonics, spelling, and reading, ensuring a secure foundation for literacy development.

Decoding Minds: Reading Skills

Enhance decoding skills through interactive online activities tailored to your child's level. Engage in guided reading sessions that focus on oral and written comprehension, developing a deep understanding of the written word.

Crafting Words: Writing Mastery

Delve into the art of writing with a focus on grammar, sentence structure, and reader engagement. Our online tutoring sessions guide children on planning and structuring writing, using interactive tools for an immersive learning experience.

Hands-On Learning: Activities and Engagement

Experience a range of activities designed to boost knowledge and confidence. From paired and group activities to individual tasks, our approach fosters collaborative and independent learning, shaping confident young learners.

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