Emotions First – Nurturing Mental Wellness in Secondary Students

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Prioritising Mental Health for Learning Success

Discover a revolutionary approach to online tutoring that places mental health at the forefront. At My Primary & Secondary Tutor, we believe that optimal learning stems from emotional security. Embrace Emotions First, an exclusive online course designed to nurture the mental wellness of secondary students.

Unlocking Emotional Literacy

Embrace Emotional Literacy as the cornerstone of Emotions First. Equip your child with the ability to recognise, name, and express feelings, laying the foundation for a deeper understanding of their emotional landscape.

happy teenagers together

Beyond Recognition: Exploring Emotions

Go beyond mere recognition and explore the reasons behind your child's emotions. My Primary & Secondary Tutor takes an extra step to understand how these emotions impact their lives, providing insights crucial for fostering a positive learning environment.

Practical Solutions for Positive Management

Empower your child with practical tools to manage emotions positively. Our Emotions First program teaches strategies that enable them to thrive, learn, and confidently face each day. Equip them with the skills to navigate challenges with resilience.

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Building Confidence and Positivity – Believe & Achieve

Witness the transformation as our Emotions First program helps pupils build confidence and cultivate a positive mindset about themselves and their learning journey. When they believe in their abilities, they truly can achieve greatness.

Start the Emotional Wellness Journey

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